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Costume Con 32

One Scribble Dev's crazy adventures at one of North America's most renowned Costume Conventions

For more info, scheduling, and ticket info please see Costume Con's official website here: Costume Con 32

  • Sunday Historical Masquerade


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  • Sunday Future Fashion Folio


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  • Saturday SciFi and Fantasy Masquerade
    This year's SciFi Masq was the biggest in Costume Con's history and some of the best costumers in the country came out to strut their stuff.


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  • Friday Overview
    Fun and easy going day. The dealer's room was not quite as awesome as I expected. I did end up picking up some fun pendant necklaces (an assassin's creed onr and a stark wolf one). Sadly the only booth that I was really looking forward to spending a ridiculous amount of money had all of their stuff delayed at the border crossing (booth was Spark Fun Electronics). I'm hoping they can get stuff cleared before the con ends though, they have a bunch of iron on EL tape and wires that I was planning on stocking up on.

    Friday Night Masquerade - Single Pattern Competition
    The first Masq of the con is the Single Pattern Competition. This is a competition where the convention sets out one or two commercial patterns to use (this year was a mermaid Simplicity costume and an out of print coat and cape pattern also from Simplicity). The contestants are given free reign on what they want to do with the pattern and how they modify it but they must use the pattern elements in some way, shape, or form. I managed to get a good seat right up front so was able to grab some decent photos of all the participants. The lighting wasn't the best and we're not allowed to use flash photography at Masquerades so some of the pictures turned out a teensy bit blurry for some of the contestants that didn't stop moving around long enough for me to grab a good shot at low light exposure.


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