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Behind the scenes with Santa Claus

Santa Claus is embarking on his annual trip around the world—and he’s invited ScribbleLive to join him! On Dec. 24 from 12–1 p.m. ET, Mrs. Claus will host this exclusive Scribble Chat to share insight into how the Big Guy gets ready for his Big Night. Santa himself will be in touch throughout the hour to let us know how he and the reindeer are doing as well as answer readers’ questions.In addition to this live, interactive component with Santa, this event will also feature an overview of how Christmas and the holidays are celebrated around the world. What does your holiday look like? Share them with us! Want to ask Santa a question? Submit questions, comments, photos and video to

What's Santa's favourite cookie? Who takes care of the reindeer? What's the North Pole like? 

Hosted by Mrs. Claus, this Christmas Eve live chat answered these questions and more. Read the replay to get the lowdown on Kris Kringle and his journey around the world. 
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